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10-28 2017

Stainless Steel Mat Net

Mat network scientific name dense net, in the south of the Yangtze River or abroad also known as Holland blue Cloth. It is made of high-quality stainless steel wire woven.
The main characteristics of the warp, weft wire diameter and density of a greater contrast, so the thickness of the net and filter precision and service life, such as the hole network has a more obvious improvement, its filtering accuracy is the square hole mesh can not be achieved.
Material: Stainless steel wire for sus302,304,304l,316,316l (according to the current weaving technology continues to improve and increase the pure nickel wire, low-carbon steel wire and other materials)
Performance: acid, alkali resistance, high temperature, tensile and abrasion resistance, with stable filtration performance, fine, high precision, rich special filtration performance.
Weaving: plain weave stainless steel mesh (plain-dense), twill woven stainless steel mesh (twill-dense), Bamboo flower woven stainless steel dense pattern. NET, contrast woven stainless steel mesh (also known as the contrast Mat network conveyor belt).
Crafts: Plain Dutch weave: The woven weave is similar to the weaving of various lines. The difference is that the warp yarn of the woven mesh is thicker than that of weft yarn. The weft filaments close together to form a conical or wedge-shaped open hole.

Twill Dutch Weave: This wire cloth weaving technique incorporates the above described Dutch preparation and twill coding techniques. The thicker Ching are crossed by a cross between the finer weft filaments. Each warp thread travels between the top and bottom of the weft. The weft filaments close together to form a conical or wedge-shaped open hole. Use: products are mainly used for gas, liquid filtration and other media separation, widely used in precision pressure filter, fuel filtration, vacuum filter, do filter material, aerospace, oil refining, medicine, sugar, petroleum, chemical industry, chemical fiber, rubber, tire manufacturing, metallurgy, food, health research and other industries.

General specifications Model Parameters: (Mat-type network model type of many, special specifications can actually be processed custom)